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    Something about Fall makes me want to dress really cute and sit outside at a downtown coffee shop and read magazines while sipping coffee. We filmed a little Fall Lookbook video featuring this Parisian style outfit!

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  • 10/26/17--16:46: Best Ever Split Pea Soup
  • Fall is when I like to pull out all of my cozy soup and stew recipes. Nothing says Hello Fall like a hot soup on a cold evening. Last week I made this split pea soup which is not only so healthy and tasty but best of all, my kids loved it! We don’t really eat pork much in our home so I substituted the ham for a really nice cut of stew beef and it turned out so tender and tasty! If you like ham, feel free to use that instead of beef in this recipe. If you do use beef like I did, the key here is to let is simmer on low for several hours. That will give you the most tender, melt in your mouth, pull apart beef ever!   Save Print Best Ever Split Pea Soup Author: Recipe type: Soups & Stews Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  4 hours Total time:  4 hours 15 mins Serves: 10 Cups   Split pea soup heaven! This recipe is made with beef instead of ham for an extra hearty soup! Ingredients 8 cups chicken or beef broth (I like to use homemade broth) 1 large chopped onion 4 large […]

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    I'm sure you've all heard the saying "when in doubt, wear black" and this is like my go-to motto. Anytime I have one of those days where I just can't seem to put an outfit together, I resort back to the color that never fails to look good: black on black on black.

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  • 10/31/17--22:49: October Photo Roundup
  • I take soooo many pictures on my phone and camera that never end up anywhere but on my phone or camera. I am going to start what I will be calling the “monthly roundup” as a way to pick out and document some of my favorite moments in photos! Disclaimer: 95% of the photos will be of the kids because for one, they are the cutest little humans ever and two, they do the cutest little things ever. Here’s our October photo roundup, all from my iPhone! Lately these two have gotten into “wrestling” and we seriously get so much entertainment out of it! Claire’s cheesiest smile ever. About a month ago she started making this face every time we say “cheeeese”! I tried Tea Bar for the first time in October and it was pretty delicious! Their hot chai tea was really good! Jason and I went on a middle of the week getaway to Skamania Lodge in October and it was such a fun little getaway. You can read all about it here! Charlie has been making, breaking, and repeating this puzzle every day since he got it. Claire’s full of new tricks lately. Her newest one; putting […]

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    Happy November! We are just a few short weeks away from Thanksgiving and then a few more weeks after that until Christmas! We may or may not have been playing Christmas music non stop around here since yesterday. I feel like once Halloween is over, I can officially move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. Today I am sharing this adorable little pumpkin flower arrangement DIY project that I literally did in about five minutes while the kids were napping today! All you need is a pumpkin, a cup, a sharp knife and some flowers. So simple and perfect for decor around the home or as table centerpieces for your Thanksgiving gatherings. Place the cup upside down over the top of the pumpkin and carefully cut around the cup to create a round opening: Well… a sort of round opening, but good enough: Remove all of the pumpkin seeds and flesh from inside the pumpkin: Fill the cup with water and place it inside the vase and add the flowers. That’s it! So easy! That is my kind of DIY! You can use any type of flowers for this arrangement. I just so happen to have two huge hydrangea bushes […]

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    I love having my kids around. Yes, sometimes I need a break just like every mom I know, but more often than not I choose to have them with me. Since they were born, they have been my little sidekicks to the grocery store, mall, thrift shopping, estate sales and basically for most of my errands. When Charlie was born I was working full time. I was away from him 40-50 hours per week and it made me miserable. I would work all day and then have to get my errands, such as grocery shopping, done in the evenings. I missed him so much while I was at work that I would bring him along for my errands in the evenings so that I didn’t have to be away from him any longer. Thankfully, I now work very part time and from home so I don’t have to be away from them often, yet I still choose to bring them with me for 95% of my errands. I’ve just gotten so used to  having them with me and they love it. Every day my son asks me “mama, where are we going today?”, because he already knows that wherever I […]

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    As a mom who works part time, I am not only juggling my own busy schedule but that of my two kids and often times that of my husband as well! Being on time is really important to me and I take pride in being punctual. I've learned this not only in the corporate world when working full time but also in motherhood.

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  • 11/07/17--22:35: Carry All Bag
  • If you follow my blog regularly then you will already know about TAH Bags. I’ve been wearing these bags on repeat ever since I collaborated with them for the first time back in the beginning of summer. This Commuter Bag is seriously amazing in so many different ways! I change between working and motherhood and I love that I can use this same bag for both! When working I can put my laptop in there (it has a laptop slot!) along with any files or paperwork I need to take with me. When I am with the kids, which is most of the time, I can fit everything I need from diapers, wipes, change of clothes and lots of snacks. Oh, and I can’t forget Charlie’s dinosaurs that have to come everywhere with us! These pictures were taken on a trip to Ikea with the kids. If I told you how much stuff I have in this bag in these pictures, you wouldn’t believe me! This bag is made of the toughest but softest leather. It’s the perfect size and has a drawstring to tighten at the top to give it a bucket bag look, which I love.   If […]

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    Fall and Winter are upon us and I am beyond thrilled because after all, this is the most wonderful time of the year, hands down! With so many of my favorite holidays coming up this month through January, I am excited to host lots of gatherings at our house! From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, there are just so many things to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than with the friends and family you love! This year we are partnering with Basic Invite for all of our holiday party invitations as well as our Christmas cards! I am excited to host a Thanksgiving gathering at our home and then my annual Christmas gift exchange Soiree in December with my ladies (I got the cutest Christmas party invites for my Soiree)! There are so many different invitation styles to welcome everyone to our home. Here are a few of the styles that I ordered for my parties along with our Christmas Cards. From every Holiday to birthdays and more, Basic Invite has it all. When planning your parties and ordering Christmas Cards, make sure you check them out! Right now they are offering 15% off your order! Use […]

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    Happy Friday! This has been an extra busy week for me so I am sure glad to have daddy home for the next couple of days so we can slow down and enjoy some much needed family time. For anyone that says staying home with the kids is easy, you have another thing coming. Trust me, I’ve worked full time but chasing these two around all day, along with keeping the house together and making sure no one starves, is more work than any job I’ve done outside of the house. But, I’m not complaining. I’d rather be so exhausted that when my head hits the pillow I literally fall asleep within seconds than be away from these sweet faces all day! Once a week (usually on Friday mornings) we like to “kick start” our weekend with a little trip to one of our favorite donut shops: Coco Donuts. I mean coffee + donuts + these two cute faces = the best day ever! My gorgeous bag is by TAH Bags. You can shop the Perfect Mini here. PC: Spotted Stills Photography I have two baby showers to attend this weekend but other than that I plan on avoiding getting […]

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    I am really really excited about this new several part series that I am starting on about all of the Thrifted Treasures in my home! Over the next few months I will be sharing parts of my home and how I have decorated a big part of it with thrifted treasures, both new and vintage! First I want to talk a little about my “background” in thrifting and how it became such a big part of my life! It all starts with my beautiful mom! She is by far the best bargain hunter I know. From garage sales to thrift stores, she had it down to an art. She could always  make something out of nothing and I remember her seeing the vision in something that most people would pass up. It really was like an art and she taught me to look at the potential in even the most random things. Whenever we had a little free time, my sister and I would tag along and spend hours down every isle in her favorite thrift stores. She loved thrifting anything from home decor to clothes and beyond and she managed to find the most beautiful, unique treasures. Some […]

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    Ever since I started sharing more of my thrifted pieces for home and clothing, I have been getting a ton of requests for a list of my favorite thrift shops. Well, wait no more, here is the much anticipated list! If you live in the Portland/Metro area or plan on visiting anytime soon, you are in luck because we have some of the best thrift shopping I have ever seen! I’ve thrift shopped in pretty much every city I’ve been to and have always had the best luck in Portland. For example, here are the sorts of things that I have found: pictured above, everything on my fireplace mantle is 100% thrifted, the candle sticks on my coffee table are thrifted as well as the little plate my succulent is resting on. That gorgeous danish wicker chair in the corner by the windows is also thrifted (well Craigslist actually, but it’s still second hand!) and lastly, my television console that you can barely see in this picture was also thrifted and restored by my husband. I recently went to Anthropologie and saw a gorgeous round mirror, similar to the one on my mantle, as well as an arrangement of brass […]

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    I know it’s still November and Thanksgiving is this week but with Black Friday and then Cyber Monday coming up, it’s a good time to get a head start on your holiday shopping! It’s that time of year for lots of Christmas parties! Each year I attend several White Elephant or Secret Santa type gift exchange parties, including one that I host at my home every year! Coming up with fun but decent gifts for gift exchange parties can be a challenge so, I put together a quick list of some fresh ideas to get you started this holiday season, and all for under $30! Marble Coasters The Best Smelling Candles Ever Smartphone Accessories   Teapot with strainer Throw Blanket   Mini Succulent Planters Marble Cheese Slicer A few other gift ideas could be Lottery Stratch-its, these are always a big hit when someone brings them to a gift exchange. You could also do gas gift cards or coffee gift cards, cute hats or beanies, a nice scarf or a hot chocolate kit! I think my two favorite things on this list are the mini succulent planters and the marble cheese slicer. I’m into anything marble right now, so this […]

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    I hope you are all ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow! In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought it would be appropriate to share one of my favorite holiday drinks: Sparkling Cranberry Sangria but, I am going to share it two ways! The alcoholic version and the family friendly non-alcoholic version. This drink is so easy to prepare and so delicious! It is a great addition to your holiday menu! Let’s start with the alcoholic version first. I purchased both wines in this recipe from Trader Joes. They have a pretty good selection and their staff is really helpful if you aren’t sure which ones to pick! Here is the recipe: Save Print Sparkling Cranberry Sangria Author: Recipe type: Alcoholic Beverage Prep time:  5 mins Total time:  5 mins   Ingredients 1 cup water 1 cup orange juice - chilled 1 cup cranberry juice cocktail (the sweet stuff!) - chilled 1 bottle sweet white wine 1 bottle sparkling wine - chilled 1 sliced orange 1 sliced lemon 3 cups fresh cranberries Rosemary for garnish Instructions Mix all of the ingredients above except for the sparkling wine in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Stir and refrigerate for up to two hours […]

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    I hope you all had a wonderful day! Jason and I spent much of the morning in our pajamas with the kids watching Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas and chatting about how blessed we are with these two little babies. They complete our lives and bring us so much joy every single day. It is so easy to take things for granted and we really want to teach our kids to have a grateful heart. To count their blessings, both big and small! Last night after we put the kids to bed we came downstairs and realized the sink was full of dishes and there were toys all over the house. Jason tackled the toys and I tackled the dishes. I was so so tired last night and my initial reaction was to grunt about it but then as I was washing the dishes, I found one of Claire’s toys in the sink and it made me smile (she likes to put her toys in the sink, in the garbage and in the toilet… this seems to be her thing now)! I realized that these little messes are blessing because they mean that we are alive, well and blessed enough […]

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